Featured Partner: Madre Tierra – Guatemala

Madre T Ana 2015-03-03 10.15.07

ANA RAMOS and her family used to ingest a steady diet of instant soup and canned beans. Ana knew that they needed to improve their diet to improve their health. She became involved in PWRDF partner Madre Tierra’s sustainable agriculture program in Willy Wood, Guatemala and participated in their ‘Peasant to Peasant’ farmer training. Ana learned about the value of fresh, sustainable food. She now nurtures a home garden that supplies her family with fresh herbs, tomatoes, plantain and healthy greens. Although she reads very little, Ana took what she had learned and now works as a volunteer facilitator and promoter of the Madre Tierra program. Her family is much healthier and Ana and her family have become strong advocates for the Madre Tierra program, sharing their knowledge with others—passing it on.